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Maple sap begins to flow slowly but surely and the tanks will be full within a few days. All the ingredients are there to allow the festivities to begin in the sugar shacks of the region.

Monitoring system

CDL’s remote monitoring system, our promise:

Simple and Efficient
Because our technology is based on over 25 years of expertise in the manufacturing of sugaring equipment. The CDL monitoring system is simple to install and use…

Absolute control
Because when you have control, you have peace of mind. Save time and money with remote management via your phone, tablet and/or computer. CDL monitoring technology allows management, control and visualization of:
-Tank levels
-Vacuum levels
-Temperature in the station and in the forest
-Intelligent reverse osmosis

Because during sugaring season every minute, every drop counts… Increasing productivity is the key to the profitability of your sugaring operation. The CDL monitoring system not only saves time and labor, but also allows you to get the most out of your equipment by viewing your data in real time, with the precise and quick repairs of leaks, and much more

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between tradition and


Founded in 1991, CDL is completely integrated company that develops, manufactures and distributes maple sugaring equipment.

All of CDL’s teams are constantly working in the development of new high performance products and technologies to improve the situation of the maple syrup producers, from the small producers to the largest ones.

CDL is today recognized as a world leader in the development and innovation of the necessary equipment for maple syrup production and the transformation of maple products. Innovation is a CDL’s mission

CDL’s strength is the result of the expertise, dedication and professionalism of all employees.

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