Evaporator Accessories

Automatic draw-off valves and level controllers

Advantages of the modulating draw-off valve

  • Allows continuous output of maple syrup.
  • Eliminates the return effect of the syrup into the pans.
  • Eliminates large volume draw-offs.
  • Improve the constancy of the brix level.
  • Facilitates the filtration of maple syrup.

Product Code: 66876

Modulating draw-off valve 1½”
Product Code: 66771

Modulating draw-off valve 1½”
Product Code: 66781

Modulating draw-off valve 2″
Product Code: 66775

Modulating draw-off valve 2 1/2″
Product Code: 66782

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Liquid 8 oz.
Product Code: EVAN108W

Liquid 32 oz.
Product Code: EVAM032W

Liquid 4 L
Product Code:  EVAM128W

Organic defoamer, Details in store

Kosher 200 g
Product Code: 66890

Kosher 2,5 kg
Product Code: 66898

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Draw-off valve accessories

1 1/2″
Product Code: 69BCD150

Product Code: 69BCD112

2 1/2″
Product Code: 69BCD212

Off centered ferrules
2″ x 1 ½”
Product Code: 60R14215

2 ½” x 2″
Product Code: 60R142122

CLIPS X MIPT ferrules
2″ x 1 ¼”
Product Code: 60R14SW214

2″ x 1 ½”
Product Code: 60R14SW21

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Stacks and accessories

Chinese hats
Available in diameters from 6″ to 32″ and optional spark guard

Smoke stacks
Available in diameters from 6 “to 32”

Stack covers
Available in diameters from 7″ to 30″ and optional spark guard

Roof jacks
From 6” to 32” with collar

Base stacks
Available for 2′ to 6′ width evaporators

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Steam pans

Improve performance and efficiency

This option can be installed on several types of evaporators (wood, pellet, oil) and several different sizes (2 1/2′ x 8′ to 6′ x 18′).

The use of the steam pan causes a significant reduction in energy consumption by reusing the steam produced by the flue pan. This reduction in energy consuption can be up to 75% depending on the brix at the input of the pan.

In addition, adding this option to the evaporator increases the evaporation capacity by up to 75% without additional fuel consumption.


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Syrup pan washers

Single 2½”
Product Code: 672059

Single 3″
Product Code: 672061

Single 3½”
Product Code: 6720615

Single 4″
Product Code: 672062

Single 5″
Product Code: 672063

Single 6″
Product Code: 672065

Double and triple syrup pan washer available. Contact your representative for more details


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Flue pan washer

Eliminate the difficult task of cleaning your flue pan with this highly efficient and performant automatic washer.

  • Complete non-contact wash.
  • Continuous washing circuit.
  • Fits all pans, any brand.
  • Automated and sequential option. Available for Master model.
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Sugar pans stainless steel

16″x 16″ x 12″
Product Code: 67WP1616

16″ x 32″ x 12″
Product Code: 67WP1632

24″ x 36″ x 12″
Product Code: 67WP2436

24″ x 48″ x 12″
Product Code: 67WP2448

24″ x 72″ x 12″
Product Code: 67WP2472

16″ x 16″ cover
Product Code: 67WPCO16

16″ x 32″ cover
Product Code: 67WPCO32

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Clamps for pan ferrules

Stainless steel

Product Code: 60R13C112

Product Code: 60R13C2

Product Code: 60R13C212

Heavy duty clamps
Product Code: 60R13HC112

Product Code: 60R13HC2

Product Code: 60R13HC212

Screw style
Product Code: 60R13VT112

Product Code: 60R13VT2

Product Code: 60R13VT212

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High temperature products

Product Code: 60YYYCSL503

Small brick 2 500 0F
1¼” X 4½” X 9”
Product Code: 66869

Large brick 3 000 0F
2½” X 4½” X 9”
Product Code: 66868

Brick cement
Pyromix, 1 gallon
Product Code: 66866

Brick cement
Pyromix, 4 gallons
Product Code: 668664

Dry cement, 2 Kg bag
Product Code: 66875

Fiber glass wool rope
Product Code: 60TXP018

Ceramic wool
1′ x 4′ x 25′, 8 lb
Product Code: 60BKTI8LB100A

Ceramic wool
1/2″ x 4′ x 50′, 8 lb

Product Code: 60BKTI8LB050A

Thermofab wool, 2″ x 1/8″
Product Code: 60GW300100

Ceramic wool, 6 lb x 2″
Product Code: EBCB2425A

Ceramic wool panel, 1” x 12″ x 36″
Product Code: EBISOL06

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