Oil evaporators

Deluxe Oil evaporator

CDL’s Deluxe oil evaporator was designed for small and medium-sized sugar bush producers. This evaporator is very efficient and gives its owner an incomparably comfortable and stable boiling experience. This equipment is very reliable and very simple to operate. To use it is to adopt it.

Possibility of 3 types of fuel:

  • Oil
  • Natural gas
  • Propane

Available options:

  • Automatic draw-off valve
  • Syrup drip tray
  • Hood pre-heater
  • Permeate pre-filter
  • Steam pan


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Master Oil evaporator

0.195 gallons of oil per gallon of syrup. 

The CDL master oil evaporator is the most productive and has the best energy efficiency on the market.

New decanter box to reduce niter in the syrup pans. Included with all Master evaporators.

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Tornade Oil evaporator

Possibility of 3 types of fuel :
Natural gas

CDL’s Tornado Oil Evaporator is an advanced engineering product that has been developed and designed for owners of large sugar bushes. The energy recovery systems integrated into thye walls and the bottom of the combustion chamber as well as the one in the chimney will allow to evaporate in power with minimal anergy consumption. It’s PowerFlame modulating oil burner is installed ourside the boiler room to provide the evaporator with maximum fresh air in addition to eliminating noise from the fan guaranteeing an unparalleled comfort.

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