Wood, chip or pellet evaporators

Master evaporator

The CDL Master Evaporator is the only evaporator on the market evaporating over 5.1 Imp. Gals. / ft² or 6 U.S. gals./ ft² of pan.

Evaporator with automatic loading ! 

New pan concept: Pan change in 5 minutes without stopping the fire

Ability to produce up to 4 1/2 barrels/ hour (18° brix) with the 7′ x 18′ pellet model.


  • Mechanical system to deviate the heat allowing changes of the finishing pans without stopping the fire. This allows for a very rapid restart of the boiling after a stop.
  • Maximum efficiency.
  • No sparks.
  • Rear loading of fuel to eliminate dirt caused by wood in the boiler room.
  • No mechanisms near the syrup pans, so no obstruction at the front for the operation of the evaporator.

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