Maintenance and cleaning equipments

Leak finder

Revolutionary tool specifically designed for pumping stations and vacuum centrals.

Finds leaks impossible to detect with the human ear, regardless of back ground
noise, the temperature or the season.

Identification of the leak using a LED bar graphic combined with a sound signal.

Finds vacuum leaks:

  • Vacuum pumps
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Tubing and valves
  • Cracks
  • Fitting joints
  • Extractors

Leak finder kit
Product code: 681010

Product code: 681011

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Spout removers

Steel spout remover
Product code:

Aluminum spout remover, Small 15”
Product code: 

Aluminum spout remover, Medium 22,5”
Product code: 

Aluminum spout remover, Long 30”
Product code:

Aluminum spout remover, X-Long 40”
Product code: 

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Transfer siphon

Transfer siphon for isopropyl alcohol barrel
Product code: 663330


  • Allows isopropyl alcohol transfer from barrel to back pack container.
  • Very simple, very easy to use, very safe.
  • May be used to transfer other liquids such as water or fuel.
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Backpack cleaning kit

Backpack cleaning kit with harness and dozer
Product code: 661616

Backpack cleaning kit
with harness, without dozer
Product code: 661612

More compact, lighter, more comfortable and specially designed for maple sugaring. Specially developed by CDL for work under vacuum.

Dozer gun only, 10 to 20 ml
Product code: 661698

Harness only
Product code: 661691

Replacement tube kit for CDL dozer
Product code: 661692

Three-piece kit for dispenser spout
Product code: 661693

Spring for CDL dozer
Product code: 661694

Scew cap for CDL dozer
Product code: 661689

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