Reverse osmosis accessories

Cleaning and storage solutions

Citric acid 1 kg (powder)
Product Code: 66994

Superflow soap 1 kg (powder)
Product Code: 66249

Superflow soap 20 kg (powder)
Product Code: 66239

Organic soap “Superflow green” 4L (Liquid)
Product Code: 66245

Organic soap “Superflow green” 1.2 kg (powder)
Product Code: 662401

Organic soap “Superflow green” 22.7 kg (powder)
Product Code: 662402

Oxysan Cleaner 4 L
Product Code: 66298

Storage solution 1 kg
Product Code: 80000

Food grade glycol 20 L
Product Code: 88020

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Measuring instruments

pH 0-2,5 Papers 50/pkg
Product Code: 668802

pH 10-13 Papers 50/pkg
Product Code: 668813

Calibration solution pH 10, 500 ml
Product Code: 718866

Calibration solution pH 4, 500 ml
Product Code: 718865

pH tester Integrated thermometer
Product Code: 665560

pH tester
Product Code: 665514

Portable conductivity tester and thermometer
Product Code: 718855

Portable conductivity tester
Product Code: 718856

Heating element 3 000 W – 240 V
Product Code: 66493

Temperature control
Product Code: 669371

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Continuous brix reader


  • Real time brix reading of concentrate.
  • Can be installed on any R.O.
  • Allows an accurate reading of your adjustment in real-time.

Continuous brix sensor with modulating valve
Product Code: 668416

This option allows you to precisely control the brix level at the output of your concentrator. The adjustment is done automatically even if the brix of the sap varies.

Continuous brix reader
Product Code: 668417

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1½” line filter + 24-micron cartridge
Product Code: 6615024

1½” 24-micron filter cartridge only
Product Code: 660024

1½” line filter alone
Product Code: 6615024K

2” line filter + 24-micron cartridge
Product Code: 6620604

2” 24-micron filter cartridge only
Product Code: 660025

2” line filter alone
Product Code: 6620604K

20″ complete blue filter housing
Product Code: 665050

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Multiple cartridge housing

Change your osmosis in 1 minute!

Extra cartridge support available for quicker changes.

Stainless steel multiple filtration cartridge housing
Product Code: 665056

Interior support only
Product Code: 665068


  • Designed and manufactured by CDL.
  • Quick and easy filter changes.
  • High filtration capacity.
  • Creates no restrictions at the entry of the concentrator
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Pre-filter cartridge 5 mic. 10”
Product Code: 6682101

Pre-filter cartridge 5 mic. 20”
Product Code: 66821

10” Filter protectors 12/pkg
Product Code: 66212

20” Filter protectors 10/pkg
Product Code: 66209

10” Synthetic filter protectors, 12/pkg
Product Code: 66207

20” Synthetic filter protectors, 12/pkg
Product Code: 66208

6½” plexiglass cover
Product Code: 66270

10” filtration bag
Product Code: EVBAG100

20” filtration bag
Product Code: EVBAG200

30” filtration bag
Product Code: 66823-30

Nylon screen 36” x 36”
Product Code: NYLSCR

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4” CDL Membrane
Product Code: 6604040

8” CDL Membrane
Product Code: 6608040

16” CDL Membrane
Product Code: 6601640

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Food grade o-ring, grease, 6 g
Product Code: 66531

Food grade o-ring, grease, 150 g
Product Code: 66535

Wrench for blue filter
Product Code: 662283V

10 GPM Bluewhite, flowmeter
Product Code: 661042

1/4” NPT valve X, Tube 90o
Product Code: 6622312

4” membrane U-cup
Product Code: 66402

8” membrane U-cup
Product Code: 66401

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